Friday, May 13, 2011

A Quick Thought on Cost of Living

Since I retired I have undertook buying groceries. Now if you knew me then you know I hate buying groceries. But what that has led too has been is me watching the cost of everything go up and yet we are told that the inflation rate is virtually non-existent.

Since the 1980 the way inflation rate is calcutated has nothing to do with the real world. It has become a number to manipulated by the soothsayers of the economy.

Think about it. Fuel, food and utilities have gone up. The price of renting has gone up with so many folks looking for a house. why should it not in not go up.

Then there is the value of the dollar which has been devalured.  Everything we have in real world value has nothing to do with reported inflatuation rate.

What is real?

Well the food you have in your pantry is real. What tools you own is real.  The clothes on your back, the trasportation you own not owed for, family and friends you can depend on is real.  But, the money you have in your pocket well it is real but does it have value? That is the question.

Yesterday the price of unleaded was $3.74/gal today it is $3.86/gal.  The  NPR station I listen to tells me that grain production is down 30%  and that speculators on both fuel an grain are making a killing. That medical cost are rising at alarming rate despite the health Care bill. Huh. yet we have little to no inflation.

Just a quick thought on cost of living.

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