Friday, April 8, 2011

Out in the Shop

Well I finished the band saw stand today and mounted the small Delta Shopmaster 9" band saw on it. Only expense was the black spray paint as the stand itself is made again from the scrap bin. Every shop should have a scrap bin.

I built it on the fly or first in my mind and then sketched it out on the pieces of scrap plywood that I was using for the top. Surprises surprise it worked out.

I realize that it is lower than most stands built for a bench top band saw but I have been working with the concept of what if I found myself limited to using a wheel chair a lot more than I care. So I am trying out different things to enhance the functionality for limited moblity.

Government shutdown
I originally wrote of my disgust with what was going on in Washington. and  the pettiness and vindictiveness that seem to be what is referred to as politics as usual.  But I thought better of it.
I do have a socialist, christian and humanitarian bent to my politics. What they are calling Christian values in Washington well it is definitely not what Christ or his Apostle preached. I am a true believer in what you do for the  one  you do for all. . 
"It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God” Mark 10:25
The Puritans believed that if God did not bless you with success then you were not worthy or one of the few saved. This concept seems to be still in effect with the elitist in our government and particularly this concept seem to rest with the Republicans.

Just finished reading "The Girl with Dragon Tattoo." started slow and finished with a bang. Worth reading.
Started reading "Stewball" a mystery set in Montana.

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  1. I was a fifth generation Republican until it got to where I couldn't tell the party's top dogs from the Democrats. That's why we ended up with Obama; there just wasn't enough difference between McCain and him to give anyone reason to vote. I'm no longer affiliated with ANY party!

    Looks like the saw stand should work just fine!