Saturday, April 23, 2011

Cleaning Up

This past week I have spent the afternoons cleaning up the shop area. Just about got it so that I can get to my lathe. But I need to make a trip to the land fill which I will do Monday.

I keep finding things that I had forgotten or wondered where it was. Small clamps, wrenches, drill bits etc. It is a little like a treasure hunt because I keep finding things I forgot I had and that is sweet.

I have been wanting to build a small display cabinet to display some of my wifes' salt and pepper shakers and I have this cherry I think would work well. Well anyway I have been trying to figure out the type of corners. I think I will try a dovetail joints .Something I haven't tried before. but Fine Woodworking has a article from which they used a jig on the band saw to cut the dove tails out. Think I will try it on a piece of pine and give it a whirl on pine until I got the hang of it.

On being Retired

I have been retired now for over a year and be truthful I miss work. But then i was blessed with a job that I enjoyed doing for 40 years and planned on working at until they carried me off the job feet first. But then life happens and you do what you hadn't meant to do.

Well i am surprised that it isn't quite as relaxed as I though it would be.

I am still looking for that regular "42" game. I haven't made it to Archer City yet to go through Larry McMurty's book store. My fishing gear is still gathering rust. My shop hasn't made as much saw dust as I would like. But then that is OK.

Life is what happens to you as you make your plans.

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  1. Your shop sounds like my basement. I've got doubles and triples of some hand tools just because I couldn't find what I needed when I needed it!