Wednesday, July 24, 2013

For the Long Haul

With the failure of the Detroit we make another step towards a 2nd class economy. While not the first city to fail it is the largest to fail. It is also failure of what had been one of the worlds premier manufacturing city.

The decision to close down this industrial powerhouse was made by folks who don't live or support the community but by robber barons (the 1%) who saw the plants in the 3rd world countries who worried less about their folks and more about lining their pockets. I'm talking about their leaders who didn't mind if the water or infrastructure or air quality was destroyed but more about how rich they would be. After all they didn't live in the area.

The level inequality between the haves and haves not has become even greater. The size of the poor or working class increases with less means at hand for they to provide for theirself and at the same time their government responding to the demands of the elite's continue to demand cutting of social services. This to me is the breaking of the social contract that has always been understood.

FDR saw this coming about that despite the fact that it was the same people who stepped up and won the war answering the call for service he knew that memory was a fleeting thing and the same people who brought you the great depression would once more take on the the uppity working class and take on the task of putting them back into their place. That was  the reason he wanted to pass a bill of rights for the common man.

Today I heard that the number of jobs for those looking for full time work is declining while the jobs for part time workers is increasing. In short people are working two to three part time jobs in order to work enough to support theirselves. It is the continuing decline of the common man.

So. We continue to short sheet the avg Joe of decent jobs, housings, and wages along with true health care for all.

But, things will change and it will be not today not tomorrow bout when the US has it's own Arab spring  when the workers rise and true revolution take place and equality and justice truly becomes for all.

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