Monday, June 10, 2013

You Just Can't Please Anyone

We have all been there where no matter what we do we can't seem to please anyone not even ourself. Well that is what I think of Obama Care. A health care act that really dosen't please anyone.

Think about it you know how the Republicans feel about it they destest it and the Democrats while they say they love it didn't have the balls to finish it like it should of been.  

The truth is that the majority of folks would like to see a health care package more on the lines of our current Medicare program which is a version of universal health care. As a participant of Medicare I am a believer in it. Combine the free primary care visits along with low cost meds and copays for specialist, hospitals stays and treatment. Let me simply sang it's praise from the roof tops.

In stead we were betrayed I believe by the President to the health insurance industry who fears a universal or Medicare type program.

Coming up soon the 2014 provision that you must have some form of health care insurance our pay a penalty on your taxes. This was put in directly to appease the Health Insurance companies who then insisted there not be  a public option as they feared no one would sign up on their health care program if they could take advantage of a program that would cover them at a significantly lower cost then some of the rates I am hearing of that I am looking at to cover my wife. The problem you see is we fall in that gray area of making too much but not enough to be able to afford health care insurance.

So now not only are we being purnished for our making just too much income but also forced to create more of a finicial burden by buying insurance that is costly and fails to cover the real cost of health care.

Yelp, it is truly a case of you can't please anyone or rather a case of Dam if you do and Dam if you don't. Your pick.

On a side note. My daughter just return from buying a gallon of milk. While leaving Walmart food center she saw 3 cop cars what she thought was harassing a 70+ year old man and his wife. But as she passed them she heard one cop tell the couple they were being arrested for pimping and solicitation. The old guy was on oxygen and his wife was wearing a Muumuu .  The John that was released since no money had exchanged hands was parked in a handicap parking.  Is it a sign of times.

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