Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Things you Learn in Life

I have been reluctant in posting for a number of reasons mostly because I grow tired of ranting and without anything to post on projects I have been reluctant to write. But it is time to do a little of both.

First on the Rant

Watching the Presidential and Vice Pres debates on TV has been like watching Sumo wrestling. Seeing two big old boys butting bellies against each other trying to knock the other down.  Trying to prove that there belly or ideals or positions or whatever you want to call it is bigger and better. Yet in the end they both have the same old belly no different then the other one.

What it boils down to me for now is to vote for the one who closely represent my ideals and let us not forget least likely to do the harm. For me that is President Obama. But then again I am a bleeding heart liberal.

In the mean time while this great debate is going on the economy continues to do show signs of life but not because of any great effort on the part of our government or the elite who have no reason to invest in the economy. I mean after all how many exotic cars and home can you own.

It struggles on because the middle and what I prefer to call really the working class continue to do what it must. It must feed, house and care for itself and the ones who can't our children and elderly. Consequently if it means they must cut back on the few luxury items they can afford they do. If they must sacrifice the quality of food they eat to make sure that the no one goes hungry to bed they do although this usually means health problems if not now then later. And, if this means that to do so they must take a job doing the same thing they use to do at a living wage but now must take a job that pays significantly less as much as a 1/3 or better less. than they do.

Why? Because this is what the working class always do and always will do.

Recently I had watched The Bill Moyers show on Sunday morning on PBS and you can watch on line that spoke of the Plutocracy. Now historically we tend to think of the Plutocracy as something they have in Europe particularly of Russia today. But the reality is that it exist among the world elite or umber Rich. They could care less as to how we do as they are insulated from the reality of poverty.

Again if you get a chance to watch Bill Moyers and Company

Projects - Books- TV and Movies

Projects has taken a back seat for now due to money issues but hope soon to get back started. But I have managed to get a Bosch router table off of Craigslist for $20 and will help out once I start back to work in the shop soon i hope.

Books- Recently I have read the following books
"Sky Woman Falling"  By Kirk Mitchell a excellent mystery that does not easily reveal who is the serial killer until the near end of the book. a 4 of 5 stars
"Bait and Switch The futile pursuit of the American Dream" by Barbara Ehernreich a book of how corporate world of middle class white collar jobs have been systematically turned into sweat shops at significantly lower pay. I give it a 4 of 5 stars for readability and thoroughly documenting it's argument.

Movies and TV shows - concentration of what we have watched of late has been from TV and cable networks hear are a few of our favorite shows
"The Walking Dead" AMC series on Zombies great series
"Copper" A BBC of America series that just finished about New York cops in 1865 as the Civil War winds down. watch it if you can but be prepared for some very blatant sexual and violent episodes.
"The Last Resort" a ABC series that has a rogue US atomic submarine involved in a political conspiracy
"Revolution" a NBC series on what might happen if the the world lost all electrical power. Pretty good show.
Of course there are also the usual favorites such as "Fringe" "Grimm" "Alphas" "Haven" and the season finale of "Hell on Wheels"
I am looking forward to two films coming out one in November "Skyfall" a James Bond show and the other "Reacher" coming out in December based on reviews and trailers must be seen.

Well that is enough for now


  1. I actually found the vice presidential debates more watchable. I was turned off by the bickering between Obama and Romney. But what do you expect, right?

    $20 for a router table is pretty sweet. I certainly understand a money crunch. I have zero funds for anything right now. I would be hard pressed to buy a sheet of plywood now. So, I just watch what others are building. :)

    1. Watching others builds is what I am at right now, as well. But I think with some careful milling I van build my wife's cookbook shelfs for $25

  2. Loved the sumo wrestler comparison just perfect. Great buy on the router table congrats---reuse is everything....

  3. Thanks warren, I would of said chest thumping but MIT and joe are in the best of shape.