Saturday, December 10, 2011

What Next

One of the most disturbing pieces of legislation to come out of Congress and the Senate has been a amendment to the military budget that gives the Military the right to arrest and jail indefinitely a US citizen if the military decides he or she is considered a terrorist threat. No writ of habeas corpus or basic first amendment rights.

Is it just me or is this just one step away from martial law and a fascist state. The good news is that the president is expected to veto the amendment to the defense bill.

Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.

 Quote attributed to Benjamin Franklin says it all for me. There is not question that it would be easy to say that well I have nothing to worry about because I am not a terrorist in support of Al Qaeda. But you are missing the point it is not what is proven but rather what has been implied. It is guilty until proven innocent.   

It is bad enough that we have allowed ourselves to be photographed finger printed and DNA taken in the name of security and to have our every move outside videoed and scrutinized our phone calls scanned looking for key words. Private security companies who do not have the same oversight given carte-blanch to investigate us – by the way they are one of the fastest growth industries – all leading to loss of personal freedom.

There has to be a point that the government can no longer insert itself into our private life. If not we will once more be in a world of “1984” and “FAHRENHEIT 451”. A world of controlled existence of how we live, where we live, and what we read and how we think. 

My wife and kids tell me that I can get a little paranoid at times and that I see conspiracies when none exist. But, I say that it is what they want you to feel. That a little paranoia is not a bad thing it keeps you on your toes.  That there are individuals who are conspiring to limit our freedoms and control our lives to their gain.  So as the old saying goes “I may be paranoid but that does not mean someone is not out to get me.”

Enough ranting.

Books and project

Recently completed reading “The Librarian” by Larry Beinhart probably didn’t help my sense of paranoia sense the theme is manipulation of the election process to keep in place a GOP candidate by big money. Great story by the way and well worth getting and reading.

Starting “The Rum Diaries” by Hunter S. Thompson one of this well known founders of Gonzo Journalism  first book. If it is like some of his others “The Hell Angels” and “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas” then I suspect I will like it.

Went out into the shop to continued on the cherry salt and pepper display cabinet and it was just to d$#@ cold. So I need to dig out my old shop heater and get it going to heat it up enough to allow these old joints of mine to function.


  1. Nothing like a heater in December. :) I had to find mine, but it hasn't been too cold yet (really, I have not been in the shop lately!).

  2. the way our society is going david you are right to be paranoid...why pass such a law unless the intent is to use it?