Friday, August 27, 2010

Here I go again

Well her I go again trying to have the discipline to keep up with a blog and find something to say if not on a daily basis then on a weekly basis.

Most blogger just want to write about their day and I may do that. Some blogger write about what pisses them off and I am sue I will do that as well.

Some blogger will write about their passions or what is turning them on at that moment and again I am sure I will do that.

In short I am sure I will write about everything and probably none will read it but me. Then again maybe someone will read and think I know exactly what he means.

In the end this blog is about being at “A man of a Certain Age” and what it means.

Agree or disagree please let me know if I am the only one who thinks like me or if you think I am just plain crazy, nuts, stupid, or ill-informed.


  1. Such a handsome fellow--much too young looking to be "of a certain age."

  2. Oh, I don't know. There may be more people than just you reading it. ;-)

    Keep it up!